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The Daily Decision-37-Primacy effect, recency effect & serial position effect

The Daily Decision-37-System justification

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Today is the THIRTIETH-SEVENTH episode of The Daily Decision 

Your final anatomy exam is tomorrow and more than any other subject it requires memorization. You have lists, flash cards, downloaded five apps, and have put post-it notes all over your apartment to try to remember everything.

There’s only one problem. You’ve listed everything in the same order everywhere.

Why is this a problem?

Because you will recall items near the end of a sequence and the beginning of the sequence better than the things in middle. What if your test only asks for things in the middle of the sequence?

This is the primacy effect, recency effect & serial position effect. When trying to remember a list, take out things from the middle (after mastering the end and beginning) and memorize it separately to give yourself a chance to recall the entire list during your important exam.

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