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The Daily Decision-36-misinformation effect

The Daily Decision-36-Primacy effect, recency effect & serial position effect

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Today is the THIRTIETH-SIXTH episode of The Daily Decision

You are about to cross the street because the crosswalk sign is “green,” but something tells you to look. Out of the corner of your eye you see a car that isn’t stopping come into contact with another car. You just witnessed an accident.

The police come and ask you how fast the car was traveling when it hit with the other vehicle. You report what you saw.

But what if the police ask how fast the car was traveling when it smashed with the other vehicle?

Would that change your recollection of the event?

According to the misinformation effect changing the word collide for smash could change your recollection of the event.

If you hear smash instead of hit, you are more likely to mis-remember broken glass.

Elizabeth Loftus in 1974 said that “The misinformation effect refers to the impairment in memory for the past that arises after exposure to misleading information.”

Be careful with interference after important events.

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