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The Daily Decision-32-Social comparison bias

The Daily Decision-32-Social comparison bias

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Today is the THIRTIETH-SECOND episode of The Daily Decision

You walk away from an interview. You nailed it. You were prepared. You dressed well. You answered all the questions succinctly and you seemed to get along with everyone in the room. Afterwards, you hear from your friend who recommended you how well you did in the interview. A few days later an email arrives. It reads … “There were a number of highly qualified candidates.” The rest of the email is a blur because you know. You didn’t get it.


It could be because of the social comparison bias, which is the tendency, when making decisions, to favor potential candidates who don’t compete with one’s own particular strengths.

In other words, if you were the best candidate but you were perceived as a threat to one of the hiring committee members’ strengths, they may have found a reason to vote against you.

How do we overcome these biases if we are not aware of them?

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