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The Daily Decision-31-Pro-innovation bias

The Daily Decision-31-Pro-innovation bias

Hello Hello This is Dr. Z, Zachary Brooks, with The Daily Decision

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Today is the THIRTIETH-FIRST episode of The Daily Decision

We love social media. We love technology. We put some of our deepest hopes and dreams into the things we design and how they will improve everything. And for good reason. In the 20th century, humans found a vaccination for polio, sent people to the moon, and developed better sanitation systems.

However, is our faith in technology always well founded?

The Pro-Innovation bias is the tendency to have an excessive optimism towards an invention or innovation’s usefulness throughout society, while often failing to identify its limitations and weaknesses.

While Facebook may have 2.3 billion active users, its platform was and is used to hack infrastructure and change election outcomes. While the goal of the Internet is to feel more connected, more people feel socially isolated and it seems like daily there is a data breech.

Maybe for the 21st century we will balance our love of technology with an appreciation for its pitfalls, too.

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