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The Daily Decision-20-Impact bias

The Daily Decision-20-Impact bias

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Today is the TWENTIETH episode of The Daily Decision


In the last episode we talked about the “empathy gap” which is our tendency as humans to underestimate the influence or strength of feelings, in either oneself or others.

Today we are going to go to the other end of the spectrum and talk about the “impact bias” which is the tendency to overestimate the length or intensity of future feeling states.

Think about a time that you made a mistake and accidently hurt someone’s feelings. That’s an example of the empathy gap. Sometimes you can compound the slip of the tongue by thinking that a person’s feelings may be hurt for a long time.

You’ve been there. You make a mistake with someone and then have to see the person the next day. To your surprise, they have gotten over the silly thing you said but you’re stuck on the “impact bias.”

Now obviously a big mistake will trigger a big response, but if your mistake is small try not to let it affect you too long or too deeply because chances are it no longer affects the recipient of your error any longer.

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