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The Daily Decision-18-Courtesy bias

The Daily Decision-18-Courtesy bias

Hello Hello This is Dr. Z, Zachary Brooks, with The Daily Decision

because you want to make better decisions.



Today is the EIGHTTEENTH episode of The Daily Decision

You know you want to leave a negative review on the bad service you received at a restaurant, but you just can’t quite bring yourself to do it.


The courtesy bias. The courtesy bias is the tendency to give an opinion that is more socially correct than one’s true opinion, so as to avoid offending anyone.

While this bias may serve as a tool for social cohesion, how does this bias act in the age of social media?

Are people overly hooked on “likes” and “hearts” and “thumbs up” icons and what they represent so that they mask their true feelings and opinions more often?

Do the world of “likes” put us in a mutually non-destructible position? If so, does the lack of criticism hinder progress?

Or, does courtesy bias in the age of social media make us nicer and more aware?

Don’t worry. I won’t unlike your opinion either way.

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