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The Daily Decision-09-Prescriptive Decision Making

The Daily Decision-09-Prescriptive Decision Making

Hello Hello This is Dr. Z, Zachary Brooks, with The Daily Decision

because you want to make better decisions.


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Today is the ninth episode of The Daily Decision

In the last episode, we learned that descriptive descriptive making theories catalog actual decisions and tendencies towards either productive or nonproductive decisions.

Are we stuck with our bad decisions?

Prescriptive decision-making theories act like the bridge between normative (perfect) decisions and descriptive (actual) decisions.

If we have information about what could have been the best decision in a certain circumstance, we can use it for the next time we are in a similar situation.

Think of baseball players. Batters can make mistakes when reading a pitch. But with more information and examining and comparing the perfect decision that would lead to a hit versus the actual decision that led to a strike out, batters can improve their odds or improving their decisions … next time.

 As always, Happy Deciding.

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