Excerpt from The 6As  by Zachary S. Brooks (Dr. Z) – Advocacy Why Advocacy? The words “Assistance” or “Aid” were considered as they also refer to the act of helping another but after the act is complete the word doesn’t suggest further action nor does it suggest a principle of helping someone. “Altruism,” the principle and practice of helping others, comes closest to Advocacy as it embeds action and philosophy. Translating Advocacy across languages is also problematic. If we translate Advocacy to the five United Nations languages — Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, and Spanish and the third most spoken language Hindi, we see that the translations run the gamut. In Spanish, abogacía refers to the practice of being an attorney. In Arabic, المناصرة refers to supporting, aiding, or promoting. In Chinese, 倡导 refers to the act of initiating or proposing. In Russian, пропаганда refers to information or teaching. In French, plaidoyer means to plea or to address a court of law. In Hindi, वकालत refers to the legal bar, the standard to becoming an attorney. In English, Advocacy is defined a public support for a position. The public distinction is important for the 6A philosophy because publicly supporting a position is how the world changes. About Dr. Z Zachary S. Brooks, PhD, or as his students call him, Dr.is an author, speaker, and podcaster. In his book, The 6As: a practical philosophy for living life with meaning and purpose, Zachary shares his secrets to life success.

Dr. Z

Dr. Brooks played soccer in college and in Europe and regularly competes in international competitions, travels the world and has learned four languages and his working on his fifth, finished his doctorate studying bilingual decision making at the University of Arizona, acted in Hollywood (imdb.com), serves a Board Director for the World Transplant Games Federation, and he’s keenly fascinated in helping the world through the 21st century as a two-time kidney transplant recipient from his father and mother.

Dr. Z finds the most fulfillment when he is engaged in one of the 6As of life – Athletics, Adventure, Academics, Art, Advocacy, The Human Algorithm and in his first book of the 6A series he launches his philosophy and brand.

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