Excerpt from The 6As  by Zachary S. Brooks (Dr. Z) – Adventure Let’s put adventure into a formula. Action ——– Time Our wondering and wandering ancestors simply input action into time. In our individual lifetimes, it is the action put into time that creates Adventure. If you drive the same route to work every day over time you will experience a lower sense of Adventure as the details of the route fade into routine. If you vary your transportation modalities and walk, ride your bike, take ride shares, or use public transportation, then you will experience a higher sense of Adventure because your action over time will differ. Your choice of action (call it “x”) over the same time (call it “y”) help determine your Adventure. In the dictionary, Adventure as a noun is defined as an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.” As a verb, Adventure is defined as engaging in a hazardous and exciting activity, especially the exploration of unknown territory. And that’s what makes the second “A” so powerful, it can be create by anyone at any time with a simple change of outlook. For any adventurer, often the most difficult moment of day is getting out of bed. What is also so powerful about the second “A” is that embedded in each Adventure is a problem waiting to be explored and possibly solved. The formula works similar to the first. Action ——– Problem If action is applied to a problem, then solving the original problem becomes more likely but so too does stumbling across a new discovery! The decision to act toward a goal creates Adventures of our choosing. The rewards for the majority of our Adventures is a greater sense of satisfaction. Adventure compresses time. At least, experiencing Adventure creates the impression of more time because more of your brain has to engage with the new experience compared to your brain engaging in a similar experience every day. Travel is usually what people associate with Adventure and often people return from travel refreshed because not only have they applied action to time but they have also applied action to solving problems both of which can be frustrating experiences during the moment, but add so much to our lives after the moment so we can return to our routine with a new perspective which itself is another form of adventure. About Dr. Z Zachary S. Brooks, PhD, or as his students call him, Dr.is an author, speaker, and podcaster. In his book, The 6As: a practical philosophy for living life with meaning and purpose, Zachary shares his secrets to life success.

Dr. Z

Dr. Brooks played soccer in college and in Europe and regularly competes in international competitions, travels the world and has learned four languages and his working on his fifth, finished his doctorate studying bilingual decision making at the University of Arizona, acted in Hollywood (imdb.com), serves a Board Director for the World Transplant Games Federation, and he’s keenly fascinated in helping the world through the 21st century as a two-time kidney transplant recipient from his father and mother.

Dr. Z finds the most fulfillment when he is engaged in one of the 6As of life – Athletics, Adventure, Academics, Art, Advocacy, The Human Algorithm and in his first book of the 6A series he launches his philosophy and brand.

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