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Leaders on the Line 02: Randi Dorman, Tucson Mayoral Candidate 2019 1-3

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Leaders on the Line 02: Randi Dorman, Tucson Mayoral Candidate 2019 1-3

Randi Dorman is running to become the first mayor of Tucson, Arizona in Tucson’s 148-year history. Prior to running for office, Randi has had numerous roles as a downtown advocate, urban infill real estate developer, strategic branding professional, real estate sales, art philanthropist, singer, Mom to Skype, and gymnast.  She has served as the Chairwoman of Downtown Tucson Partnership, President, Board of Directors at Museum of Contemporary Art in Tucson, Group Director at Interbrand which was the largest branding firm in the world, and a Flinn-Brown Civic Leadership Fellow.

Randi Dorman Mayoral Candidate
Tucson, Arizona in 2019


“It’s time for us to not just fix the roads but make sure they lead somewhere,” Randi Dorman told a cheering crowd on Tuesday evening. “In 2018 there were 300 chronically homeless in the City of Tucson, by the city’s count. There were 450 housing vouchers that went unused in 2018,” Dorman said. “We have to connect the people who are combating poverty with the great programs that already exist here as well as creating new ones to support the people really suffering in our community.”

In Leaders on the Line, I interview people who are crazy and amazing enough to say “I want to lead.” Talk to any person who wants to lead and you’ll begin to uncover the deep passion and motivation people have for leading other people, accomplishing projects, and educing ideas.

Whether you like them or loathe them, leaders are critical for the success of anything that involves groups of humans on the ball we call Earth or someday Mars. Think of the mediator-moderator model.

What’s that, you ask?

Well we have independent variables, dependent variables, and the things that stand between them or the things that make them possible.

Mediator and Moderator Variables

Mediator – Moderator Model, Baron, R. M., & Kenny, D. A. (1986).


For example,  let’s say the dependent variable are grades for an academic class, the independent variable is the number of hours someone studies. What one thing can help or hurt someone’s ability to get good grades? Sleep.

Sleep mediates study and grades. And what affects sleep? Caffeine, roommates, too much work, too much Snap Chatting, Instagram, or late night TV or Netflix

Leaders are like mediators and moderators. They can help us get good grades or we can fail miserably because of them. Their ability affects or harms a group’s ability to accomplish goals

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