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Dr. Z (Zachary S. Brooks, PhD) is cited in Nature, Graduate Student Mental Health

Dr. Z (Zachary S. Brooks, PhD) is cited in Nature, Graduate Student Mental Health

Tucson, Arizona, USA — June 7, 2019 — Research by Dr. Z, also known as Zachary S. Brooks, PhD was recently cited in Nature: International Journal of Science. During his graduate studies he teamed up with Dr. Ezra Smith a research professor at New York State Psychiatric Institute and The Center for Neurosciences Tucson to investigate the effects of graduate studies on graduate and professional students mental health.

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It is often the graduate and professional students who help earn high rankings for major research universities through their labor. “While graduate students’ lives may seem carefree, the students themselves are often required to take on additional debt and professional responsibilities while working for less than minimum wage,” shares Dr. Z (Zachary S. Brooks, PhD). The goal of the study was to identify potential low-cost interventions across campus that can improve graduate and professional student quality of life in school. In 2015, 309 students completed the survey (10.3% response rate). Responses were analyzed separately for Master (N=139) and Doctoral students (N=157). There were 196 female, and 102 male respondents. Ages ranged from 21 to 64 years old, with a modal age of 25. Dr. Smith added: “I’m happy to see increased awareness of mental health issues in graduate and professional students. Advanced education should not be bad for your health.”

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