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Dr. Z Podcasts: 5,000 visitors, 65 countries

How cool is it to receive 5,000 visitors from 65 countries? It’s incredible!

12 Weeks Highlights

In the first 12 weeks of Dr. Z, I am happy to announce a number of very exciting milestones and it all starts with the guests. Thank you Ezra Smith, Steve Przymus, Jay Sanguinetti, Stephen Bieda III, Robert Poole, Michael Sayle, Rachel Kraut, Peta Long, Monx Rojo, Tarik Bel-Bahar, Stephen Jarvis, Steve Donaldson, Elmar Sprink, Tatiana Narvaez, Lloyd Tucker, Liam Barnett, Alexandre Humeau, Holly Miyagawa, Robert W. Fuller, Jacqui Bauer, Steve Farley, Lea Marquez Peterson, Billy Kovacs, Edmund Marquez, Kate C., Benton Leitner, Harp Concepts, Billy Bulanti, ProperMale, Nelson Freytes, Julie Lesage, Pierre Charland, Transplant Cafe, Transplant News, Mitch PisikBailey Brooks and many, many more to come …

While the guests and the shows that fall under the Dr. Z Podcasts umbrella may seem disparate to some, to me they are all related. Each show is based on my soon-to-published book “The 6As: a practical philosophy for living life with meaning and purpose.” With Dr. Z Podcasts, I’m interested in consequential stories (trademark pending) about a doctor working on her research, an Olympian living his dreams after an organ transplant, how to overcome a loss, bilingual decision making, philosophies that change life, and decisions that affect us all.

I look forward to expanding Dr. Z stories over the next 12 weeks with more visitors. Find me on iTunes at Facebook, and check out my YouTube page with previews of many of my shows and guests.

About Dr. Z

Dr. Z Zachary S Brooks

Dr. Z Zachary S Brooks

Thanks for visiting my site. My name is Zachary Brooks, the “Z” behind “Dr. Z.” Enjoy the content and please send me questions and comments. Check out podcasts on Bilingual Decision Making, Organ Oracles, People Behind the PhDs, Win or Learn, and About-ish.

*I earned a doctorate in Second Language Acquisition with concentrations in cognitive science and management from the University of Arizona.

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