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Dr. Z Podcasts: 10,000 visitors, 90 countries, 172 episodes … and growing

Dr. Z Podcasts: 10,000 visitors, 90 countries, 172 episodes … and growing

Dr. Z Podcasts 10,000 Visitors

Dr. Z Podcasts receives its 10,000th visit from 90 countries with 172 episodes


22 Weeks Highlights

In the first 22 weeks of Dr. Z, I am happy to announce that I have received 10,000 visitors from 90 countries. There are people who understand how search engine optimization (SEO) better than I and there are web crawlers who look for new content every second, but I believe strongly that the reason I have received so many visitors with a marketing budget of less than $100 is the power of the human story, or as my tagline reads: consequential stories for life.

It is through recounting stories of people that we reflect, dignity, uplight, and hopefully improve our existence. Storytelling is an original technology based the unique ability of humans to use language then pass on stories through language. Storytelling is the fire and light source around which we gather, share frustrations, and gain comfort.

Dr. Z Podcasts is using some of the best technologies (web 2.0)  in the early 21st century to share a collection of stories centered on the 6A philosophy. 6As is my upcoming book based on the 6As of life: athletics, adventure, academics, art, advocacy, human algorithm. “The 6As: a practical philosophy for living life with meaning and purpose.” With Dr. Z Podcasts, I’m interested in consequential stories for life (trademark pending) about a doctor working on her research, an Olympian living his dreams after an organ transplant, how to overcome a loss, bilingual decision making, philosophies that change life, and decisions that affect us all.

My two leading shows are People Behind the PhDs and Organ Oracles. I’ve collected sufficient interviews for both shows that I am now creating “seasons” for each show to create a coherent and hopefully “binge-worthy” content that touches and inspires you. In addition, I’m creating a series of 1-minute podcasts for my newsletter — Dr. Z Podcasts Newsletter Signup! — for the busy person who nonetheless needs to be touched by the power of story. My headline 1-minute show is called The Daily Decision.

Thank You to My Guests!

Thank you Ezra Smith, Steve Przymus, Jay Sanguinetti, Stephen Bieda III, Robert Poole, Michael Sayle, Rachel Kraut, Peta Long, Monx Rojo, Tarik Bel-BaharStephen Jarvis, Steve Donaldson, Elmar Sprink, Tatiana Narvaez, Lloyd Tucker, Liam Barnett, Alexandre Humeau, Holly Miyagawa, Robert W. Fuller, Jacqui Bauer, Steve Farley, Lea Marquez Peterson, Billy Kovacs, Edmund Marquez, Kate C., Benton Leitner, Harp Concepts, Billy Bulanti, ProperMale, Nelson Freytes, Julie Lesage, Pierre Charland, Transplant Cafe, Transplant News, Mitch PisikBailey Brooks , Randi Dorman, Tamaryn Stevens, Tim Hartman, Erika Ag, Iman Daryaei, Ting Qian, Tony Stovall, Mark Whting, Jenna Kloosterman, Katie Angus, Emily Connally

and many, many more to come …

About Dr. Z and Dr. Z Podcasts

Thanks for visiting Dr. Z Productions and Podcasts. My name is Zachary Brooks, the “Z” behind “Dr. Z.” Click on and download to one of my eight podcast programs. Feel free to leave any comments and contact me directly at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Your can follow my research at ResearchGate.

I earned a doctorate in Second Language Acquisition with concentrations in cognitive science and management from the University of Arizona.

The mission of Dr. Z Podcasts is to find, record, and share stories about humans engaged in one of the 6As* of life. The reason I produce and publish podcasts is to connect people to the consequential stories for life.

*6As = athletics, adventure, academics, art, advocacy, human algorithm. The 6As is the name of the book I am writing and the foundation for Dr. Z Podcasts.

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Dr. Z Zachary S Brooks

Dr. Z Zachary S Brooks


Listen to my podcast programs:

Bilingual Decision Making

  • In the Bilingual Decision Making podcasts, Dr. Z returns to his dissertation topic to explore and share research on how one’s language and culture affect decision making.

People Behind the PhDs

  • Science is driven by people which is why in People Behind the PhDs, Dr. Z interviews the people who have PhDs, their journey to earning PhDs, and their scientific and social research.

Organ Oracles

  • Each Organ Oracles podcast consists of inspirational stories of people who have had life-saving organ transplants and their achievements after their life-altering moments.

Win or Learn

  • Not accomplishing goals is a big part of life which creates opportunities for learning. In Win or Learn, we interview the people given an opportunity to learn after not achieving a goal.


  • Since I’m doing a podcast, I might as well make an “about” section with a Podcast.I call it “About-ish” which is about me, more or less.

Human Algorithm

  • Humans have it within them to change their own lives and lives of millions of others. Doubt it? Think of every advance in human history and you will realize the power of human algorithms.

Daily Decision

  • In The Daily Decision, Dr. Z delivers you a one-minute podcast on one decision making topic because you want to make better decisions.

Leaders on the Line

  • In Leaders on the Line, we explore technical problems and adaptive challenges various leaders face in business and politics. Every show has a theme such as “success,” “team,” or “strategy” in which Dr. Z and a guest do a deep dive into case studies to uncover gold.

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