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Dr. Z announces the launch of “Leaders on the Line”

Dr. Z announces the launch of “Leaders on the Line”

Tucson, Arizona, USA — March 1, 2019 — Dr. Z Podcasts has announced the launch of “Leaders on the Line.” In Leaders on the Line, we explore technical problems and adaptive challenges various leaders face in business and politics. Every show has a theme such as “success,” “team,” or “strategy” in which Dr. Z and a guest do a deep dive to uncover the secrets of failure and success for leaders of all stripes and times. 

In episode 1, we explore “success.” Everyone talks about it but what is it? Is it a point or a process? Is it luck or what are the three Ps that make for success (passion, patience, perseverance). Mitch Pisik, Award Winning Executive Coach, Business Consultant, and Professional Speaker joins Dr. Z in the first episode to talk about success. Mitch has worked with, coached and consulted with over a hundred Executives in dozens of industries. He has also been CEO of 4 different companies, in 4 industries, in 3 states.

Mitch Pisik

Mitch Pisik with Dr. Z, Zachary Brooks, in “Leaders on the Line”



phone: 631-943-5275


Twitter: @mitchpisik 

Success is defined as either the result of something or good fortune. What do you think? If success is a process, what are the elements of the success process? If it is a point, what are the success factors in your profession and what are the success factors that cross over multiple professions?

Episode 01 will be released on April 11, 2019.

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