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Zachary S. Brooks




I am the creator of Dr. Z Podcasts, the author of 

Discovering Your Human Algorithm — 

How to live with meaning and purpose

“They say ignorance is bliss. Well, knowledge is bliss, too.”

~Dr. Z

About Dr. Z …

I graduated from both the College of Science and College of Humanities at the University of Arizona while writing my dissertation on Bilingual Decision Making. I’ve had many “lives” in various places including Silicon Valley (E*Trade and VeriSign) and Hollywood (10 credits on imdb.com) and I have learned languages along the way (German, Spanish, Portuguese). I currently serve as a Trustee for the World Transplant Games Federation which is like the International Olympic Committee for athletes with transplants.

Horoscope: As a pisces, I am  creative. As a dog, I am loyal and honest. 


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To find, record, and share stories about humans engaged in one of the 6As of life.


To create value from telling 6A stories.*

*6As = athletics, adventure, academics, art, advocacy, human algorithm

See me recording an intro for an upcoming podcast.


  • To give each Dr. Z Podcast guest the gift of listening
  • To make appearing on a Dr. Z Podcast a have-to event
  • To make Dr. Z Podcast and international brand
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